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The Demico Temperature Sensor is a proprietary multi thermistor  resistive network. It is designed to work solely with the Demico Temperature Transducer Series. This relatively high resistance sensor has much higher resistance change per degree temperature than expensive rare metal types of sensors. The resistance of the cable is insignificant for most installations with up to 1000 feet of sensor cable. The cable can be cut or extended as needed without recalibration. Standard cable length is 100 feet. Longer cable lengths can be ordered.

The sensor network is encased with epoxy inside a chrome plated copper tube. The sensor can be used to monitor temperature in air or most liquids.

Three different networks are used for the three temperature ranges as shown below.





-10 to 150F



-40 to 120 F



0 to 200F


extra cable

100-1000 ft.

$0.75 per foot