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Sangamo and Weston used to make versions of the venerable Lincoln Thermal Ammeters. They were a perfect match for substations without 120/240Vac power. They are not manufactured today and Demico has stepped into the niche with the newest version of the AD121R series of Electronic Min/Max Recording Ampere Demand meter with programmable Thermal Response Averaging. The meter is powered from energy harvested from the current being measured. A large value Supercapacitor is charged when the CT current exceeds 1 Amp and will power the meter up to 24 hours. The approximate number of hours the meter will run on the supercapacitor is available from the front panel. The present peak demand and the previous month’s peak demand are available from the front panel display.  A record of the past 13 months peaks are available using a computer, DOSBOX, and the DEMICOMM program. An interface cable is available which allows a front panel connection.  The interface circuitry is gavlanically isolated from the CT Circuitry to prevent any issues with earth grounding through your computer.

Installation Instructions

AD121R16 Data Sheet







0 - 5 Amps AC

Powered from CT current being measured


$  800.00